Listening to Music is Our First Love

We are one of the few stores in the Edmonton area who focus on great gear for music. We have a great selection of premium audio components, including receivers, tube amplifiers, preamplifiers, DACs, digital audio servers, turntables, and more.
With two great listening rooms at our location, our friendly staff is always willing to help you find the right combination of components for your system. If this requires comparing various products, not only are we equipped to do this – we love to do it!

Knowing the Way Forward
The Gramophone was one of the first dealers to get into the new wave of digital music. Storing music on a hard drive or streaming music from the Internet both have huge advantages from a management and archival standpoint, but the cool thing is, if done right, it sounds fantastic!
Our staff can show you how to get started in this area with product selections from:

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Stock only the finest components
When it comes to the heart of your component system, The Gramophone has a huge variety of choices. From manufacturers around the world we have selected the finest pieces; Pre-amplifiers, amplifiers, integrated amplifiers, Audio/Video receivers, Digital-to-Analog convertors(DACs), Phono pre-amplifiers, Headphone amplifiers, and many other components necessary to reproduce superb music. Some of the fine product lines we present are:






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