After 27 years of sorting the wheat from the chaff, The Gramophone has secured a select assortment of audio and video products from worldwide sources.

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Simplify life by automating your home’s electronics systems. From lighting and temperature control to whole home audio systems, The Gramophone can help you automate and control your home.

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The Gramophone takes pride in having the largest selection of Classical and Jazz recordings in Alberta. We also stock contemporary, blues and speciality recordings.

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Quality MUsical Instruments

The Gramophone has a wide assortment of carefully selected artist quality professional musical instruments for trial at our "by appointment only" studio location.

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Over the last 28 years, The Gramophone has established a reputation for offering products of discriminating quality, excellent before and after sale service, careful and meticulous installations, and above all fair pricing.

The Gramophone location boasts two audio/video showrooms where we demonstrate a wide selection of superlative brands including; McIntosh Audio, Naim Audio, Moon, Dynaudio, NAD, PSB, Crestron, JL Audio, ATC, Audio Note UK, Hegel, Rega, Music Hall, Dali Loudspeakers, Lindemann Audio, Melco, Perpetuum Ebner Turntables, Rega, Avid Turntables, Musical Fidelity, Ortofon, Benz Micro, Croft, Technics, JVC & Panasonic Projectors and many others.

The Gramophone displays and has available for hands-on trial the largest headphone and headphone amp selection in Alberta featuring products from; Sennheiser, Grado, Audeze, HiFiMAN, Fostex, Stax, Shure, AudioQuest, BeyerDynamic, Etymotic, Woo Audio, Moon, ifi, Fosgate and many others.

We import, distribute, and sell the spectacular British Loudspeakers – ATC, the Swedish – Marten Loudspeakers and the superb Greek – Tsakiridis Devices products across Canada.

We can offer expert advice on purchasing and upgrading Analogue and Digital Audio Playback systems, Home Theatre and video playback installations, as well as full Home Automation installation and service.

We maintain the largest classical and jazz CD & Vinyl store in Alberta and take great pride in being able to obtain many special order and hard-to-find recordings.

At our “by appointment only” Studio location, we stock and sell artist-quality professional music instruments such as; Salvi Harps, Rath Trombones, Engelbert Schmid Horns, Mollenhauer Recorders, Powell Flutes, Schilke Trumpets, Hoyer Horns, B&S Brass, Scherzer Brass, Besson, Courtois, John Packer, Antigua Saxophones, BAM Cases, Dennis Wick, Peter Ponzol Mouthpieces and others.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our products or services.